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Eco Tourism & Responsible Tourism

Visitors: avoid using any plastic bags. Don’t drive your car in the dunes – Dont rent any vehicls in the dunes. don’t hire Quads to drive them in the dunes There is a special zone for quads and sand sports, contact a responsible agent and get construction for free responsible tourism in your trip.

Responsible tourism is an option for profits generated by this sector also fill the hands of the needy, so that they have sufficient resources not to continue preying on their environment but, on the contrary, be the first to defend it. Tourist activity in Morocco is reaching a critical importance in economic development as tourism is now one of the industries more income and jobs generate worldwide. To some extent, we all are involved in tourism at some point in our lives. But also becomes one of the areas in which inequalities and socio-economic inequities are manifested in the case of exotic destinations in developing countries, as it can sharpen the differences generating profits for large corporations but nothing for local populations.

Work with local guides

DSC03831The lack of regulation and guidance of tourism can lead to uncontrolled exploitation of environmental resources for the enrichment of elites and multinational corporations.
Therefore, Desert trips organise your trip to Morocco always work with local guides and drivers with extensive knowledge of the area and who have been exposed since childhood to tourism, making this their way of life, thus contributing to the development of the area. We also promote exchanges with the people of the areas we visit, so that our impact is most beneficial to its inhabitants, from visits to nomads to drink some tea, accommodation in Berber families.

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