€35 per person

Standard Camping Accommodations, sharing a camp with other travelers.

64€ per person

Private Camping Accommodations, you and your traveling companion(s) stay in a private camp.

120€ per person

Luxury Camping Accommodations, your exclusive camp in the dunes complete with wine and candles.

Camel Treks and bivouac

A truly native experience for visitors to Morocco, our Camel Treks leave fromIMGP9532 Hassi Labied (listed on old maps as Adrouine) village, and venture forth into the vast, rolling dunes, where participants camp for the night under the starry skies. Conducted by our expert guide, and complemented by a seasoned camelman, Desert Trips’ Camel Treks get you as close to the Moroccan desert lifestyle as possible, and a chance to ride our sturdy “ships of the desert”. After a restful night in the peaceful desert, you will return the next morning to the village.

You may opt to reach the village where we depart on our Camel Trek via bus or car. Our Camel Trek fee does not include your getting to our point of departure, but parking is free.
If you are driving, and coming from Fez, one of Desert Trips’ expert guides or staff will meet you in Erfoud or Rissani, and then escort you to the village from where we depart on the Camel Trek. For your information, the drive from Fez to the desert is between 6 and 7 hours, making no stops, or 8 to 9 hours at a more leisurely pace.
Please note that the Supratours bus leaves from Marrakesh at 8:00 a.m. and arrives in Merzouga, at the station in the desert at 21:00 p.m.; this is the day before your Desert Trips Camel Trek is to begin, so you will have time to explore the area. We also offer tours of the region, so please ask us for details or learn about this option in the Tours section of our website.


Camel Trekkers arrive at the village by car, rental car or bus (we will collect you at the bus station), and we provide a secured parking lot for vehicles. From here, we prepare for a late afternoon departure, usually at 4:00, so travelers should plan to arrive at the village at least two hours in advance.
Now it’s time to whittle down your baggage to the minimal items that you will require for your overnight stay. Your larger, main luggage may be stored in your locked vehicle or at our guesthouse, to be collected upon your return. In desert trips treksyour overnight bag, be sure to pack your camera, money, passport and travel documents, medications, toiletries, jacket and shoes, a turban or carf, and a change of clothes (if you wish, and have room in your bag).
You’ll feel very tall riding on the back of our camels that stand as high as seven feet at the hump, but they are sure-footed, experienced desert trekkers. The journey from the village to the camp lasts approximately 90 minutes, and features a spectacular natural sunset en route. Once you are settled in your bivouac (“bivy” for short), a temporary shelter at your designated campsite, you’ll have a little time to rest before dinner The fee for the camel trek includes tents and bedding. A classic, locally produced meal follows for your dining pleasure.
In the evening, after the sun dips down below the dunes and the cool night air filters in, snuggle up in blankets to enjoy the entertainment of Moroccan drummers, their rhythms lulling you to sleep for the night. The following morning, revel in a stunning sunrise and partake of a delicious breakfast before the hour-and-a-half ride back to the village on your camel.
Upon arrival at our guesthouse, you may feel free to have a refreshing shower before continuing your magical Moroccan journey. Don’t forget, we are the Morocco experts, offering sight-seeing tours of the area around Merzouga in our 4×4 vehicle; it’s not as much fun as a camel, but goes farther faster!

Travel video edited by lifestills collective, footage used under cc-by-nc.

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